Comedienne Angelia Walker, a McKinney native, started her comedy career in 2005. Angelia had always liked comedy however her original passion was for poetry. She had been asked by legendary comedienne Mama Michelle to come to a showcase and perform. Angelia thought she would be reciting some of her poetry however little did she know the showcase was actually a comedy contest. Angelia performed her first ever comedy bit and won first place. This was the beginning of her comedy career! Angelia continued to build and hone in on her craft by frequenting Nanette Lee’s Fat Tuesday Comedy shows.

Throughout her career, Angelia has opened up for top comedians such as Kat Williams, John Levitt, Charlie Murphy, Robert Powell as well as many local rising Dallas comedians. She has gone on to host and headline at prestigious comedy clubs such as the Improv and Hyenas. Aside from the shows she has done in the Dallas Metroplex, she has also performed in Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, Arkansas and the Bahamas! Angelia currently hosts her own comedy room every Wednesday at Mickey Sports Bar and Grill.

When asked what is the inspiration behind her comedy, Angelia said “It’s
life!” While life has not always been easy, you have to stay positive and remember to laugh through the pain. As a mother of 3 and one of 15 siblings, Angelia credits a lot of her material to experiences that she has had with her mother, children and siblings. For Angelia, every moment on stage is a great moment! As she continues her career, she walks through it with a ”No Fear” attitude and strives to push past the limits that have been set. Angelia says that she is not afraid of the word “fail” because failure is just the footsteps to success!

FRIDAY, OCT. 28th @ 7:30PM

SATURDAY, OCT. 29th @ 7:30PM