Classes are for everyone, but especially for you! Yes, YOU! Whether you’re interested in making new friends, feeling more confident in the workplace, or sharpening your comedic craft, Dallas Comedy Club has a class you’ll love. Pre-registration is required to secure your spot, as we do cap our class size. Some classes require previous experience. All Improv, Stand-Up, and Storytelling courses culminate in a showcase for friends and family. Graduation from each class level is dependent upon performance, attendance, and adherence to student enrollment policies.

Learn the joy of improvisation! Discover the power and delight of “Yes, and!” in a world that often says “No, but.” Focus on positive choices, discover the truthful and wonderful characters that live inside each of us, and most importantly, learn to trust your own comedic sensibility in a fun and nurturing environment. The uniqueness of live improv is that the performance exists of and in the moment, never to be replicated exactly, even with the same audience, actors, and prompts. Improv is different every time. And that’s the point.

The goal of Dallas Comedy Club’s Improvisation Program is to teach our students how to work as a group to use “the game” to perform the original long-form improv performance piece called “the Harold.” The Harold is a series of interconnected scenes inspired by a single suggestion. Characters, ideas, and themes appear and reappear throughout the piece and eventually connect, completing the piece.

Short form focuses on the quick-fire element of improv that uses games to highlight skills such as listening, justification, and (of course) “Yes, and.” Silly games, belly laughs, and healthy competition is what short form improv is all about! This class explores the different genres of short form improv games and the underlying concepts that make them successful and fun, for both you and your audience.

Put your thoughts and emotions into song and take your improv scenes to the next level. Through exercises in group dynamic, support, and movement, learn how to turn every song you improvise into a full-blown musical number. And the best part, you don’t need to be a professional singer to bust out a killer song onstage. You and your classmates will work on building solid relationship-based scenes, inspired and supported by musical underscoring, while understanding and utilizing the accompanist as a third scene partner.


Prerequisite: Level Five Improv and Instructor Approval
Ready to crush it on stage? This is the master class of all master classes for experienced improvisers. You’ll work on strengthening your dexterity as a performer, sharpening your presentation on stage, and developing the skills to host and present your own shows with energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism. This class will be different every time you take it; the instructor will work with you and your classmates – using exercises, scene work, character creation, and individual feedback and coaching – to help you drop bad habits, build new skills, and hone your craft as you and your teammates develop a new form to be presented at your graduation show.

STAND-UP COMEDY (Intro and Level 2)

Craft your set, learn joke construction, and discover how to navigate your first (or millionth) open mic. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced comic, each student will receive personalized feedback to highlight their unique comedic voice.

SKETCH (Intro and Level 2)

Whether you’ve never written a sketch before or are looking to refresh your packet, our sketch program will make you a better writer. Over these eight-week courses, you’ll be introduced to classic sketch formats as well as emerging trends in sketch. Learn how to mine for comedic premises, create original characters, and develop your unique comedic voice.


Prerequisite: Advanced Sketch and Instructor Approval
Elevate your sketch-writing abilities with this masterclass, which introduces advanced concepts and sketch set-ups not explored in previous levels.


No one has experienced life the way you have, and no one else has a story like yours. In this course, learn how to craft your oral storytelling: create a clear narrative arc, bring characters to life, communicate emotional moments, and practice techniques to keep your audience mesmerized. If you’re having fun, they’ll have fun listening to you! You’ll receive focused feedback in a nurturing environment to help boost your confidence and build your skillset as a storyteller. This course will focus on giving you the process and tools you need to tell a captivating 5-8 minute story onstage at your final graduation show presentation.

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