A special comedy show for HEALTHCARE WORKERS and all those who appreciate them! -with Award Winning Comedian, Nancy Norton, RN

This is a hilarious and highly interactive show! Whether you work in healthcare or not, you cn share your Funny and Outrageous healthcare stories! It could be that freaky foreign body story, or a miracle you witnessed, or that shift that went so bad it turned laughable, or that time you actually saved a life or that time a healthcare worker saved YOUR life.  All are welcome!

Healthcare workers experience a lot of stress, vicarious trauma and outrageous events as they heal what ails us and they need an outlet to stay well! We need to reward them for all they do.  Therapeutic Humor is the remedy for stress and trauma. Bring your friends and join us for a gut-busting BLAST, completely OFF THE CHARTS!


Nancy Norton is a bi-coastal comedy champion.  She is the first woman to win the Prestigious Boston Comedy Festival and is the Champion of the 40th annual Seattle International Comedy Competition.  The only female to win it in the last 35 years.   Nancy’s comedy style is high energy, fast paced and intuitive. Norton is a proponent of the therapeutic value of dark humor and is the host of the Tromedy Podcast. Transmute your trauma with comedy!  Nancy has a Dry Bar Comedy Special: Super Dork, and her Comedy Album: “4th of 3” on XM radio available everywhere.  You may have seen her on A&ENick at NitePBS,Amazon Prime or on some of her popular TikTok and IG videos Watch on Instagram