PEET GUERCIO FEB. 17-18, 2023

Peet Guercio is a former rock singer from Chicago who got into comedy on a dare. His viral standup videos have lead to a massive social media following, with over 500 million views and fans in more than 100 countries. He’s done national tours with The Carbonaro Effect, starred on the E! sitcom Hashtaggers, hacked Planet Hollywood and Snapchat, appeared on Gotham Comedy Live, and maybe even a few OnlyFans pages.

His animated, infectious energy keeps the audience on their toes, never knowing where he’ll go next.

FRIDAY, FEB. 17th @ 7:30PM

FRIDAY, FEB. 17th @ 9:30PM

SATURDAY, FEB. 18th @ 7:30PM

SATURDAY, FEB. 18th @ 9:30PM